BCC Search Indexing Configurations

Navigate to BCC -> http://host:port/atg/bcc


After login you will see 'Operations' tab under which you can see Search Administration option.

Expand the ‘Search Administration’ under the ‘Operations’ tab.

Click on ‘Browse Search Projects’ under Search Administration,
Click on ‘New Search Project’ button.

Enter the Search Project Name and Description under
‘General’ label,Search Project Name: Test_Search_Sebastian.

Description:Any meaningful description(Example:Search Index).

Click on the ‘Create Search Project’ button.

click the ‘Add Content’ button under the ‘Content for Indexing’ label,Specify the Content Name. You can give any name (Ex:Content_Sebastian) and select ‘ATG Repository’
from the content Type dropdown.

In the IndexingOutputConfig Path textbox, type the relative path  /atg/commerce/search/ProductCatalogOutputConfig of ProductCatalogOutputConfig located in C:\ATG\ATGXXX\home\
localconfig\atg\commerce\search directory.Select the Remote
option in the Location.

Host Machine: This is  the name of  your computer,
You can get the computer name by right clicking on the ‘My Computer’ then select the ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘Computer Name’ tab.

Port: Write the rmi port number 18860.

Click on the ‘Add Content’ Button.


But before indexing, you need to open the ACC and start some components.Open the ACC with help of URL: http://host:port/dyn/admin

User name: admin
Password : admin

Click ‘Pages and Components’, and select ‘Components by Path’.

Navigate to atg -> commerce-> search
Start the following components


For starting the component, right click on the component and click on ‘start component’.

For Indexing.Click on the indexing inside the project(Test_Search_Sebastian), project,Now you can
click on the ‘Build Index’ button Click on ‘show detail’
and check the progress of indexing.If build indexing
is successful, we can see the index files in our DeployShare
Folder at this location:  C:\ATG\ATGXXX\SearchXXX\DeployShare

See also the Module wise configurations


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